Laurentius choir's autumn concert 10.10. and 11.10.

Elfrida Andrée: Snöfrid

The main piece of the concert, Swedish Elfrida Andrée's five part Snöfrid, was originally composed for choir and orchestra, but will now be heard with organ accompaniment. In it Gunnar meets mythical Snöfrid, and she will guide him towards what is important in life: fighting for good. Snöfrid was Elfrida Andrée's breakthrough work in 1879.

Three Choral Responses, composed by American Amy Beach, is combined of three short biblical texts with peace as the main theme. The composition is the complete opposite of dramatic Snöfrid, as it turns the gaze inwards to quiet contemplation. It was published on the threshold of the composer's breakthrough in 1891: during the following two years she wrote her masterpieces Gaelic Symphony and Mass in E flat.

The opening piece of the concert, much loved Hör' mein Bitten, based on Psalm 55, was composed by Felix Mendelssohn, brother of composer Fanny Mendelssohn and one of the most famous male composers of his time. He composed the piece in 1844, just three years before his untimely death at the age of 38.


Laurentius choir

director Sakari Ylivuori

Pirjo Honkanen, soprano

Kaisa-Leena Hannikainen, organ


Monday 10.10. klo 19 Lohjan kirkko

Tuesday 11.10. klo 19 Vihdin kirkko


Free admission

Programme 15 €